I’m a full time professional photographer, with over twenty years experience. I live in North East London with my wife and two sons (7 & 4). I’ve had a love for photography since the first time I looked through a viewfinder of an SLR film camera at the age of sixteen (although I did get my photography badge in cubs some years before). For me, great photography is about a combination of many things. First and foremost there is the subject. The very reason to be there with a camera in the first place. Whatever, or whoever the subject is, there’s always a story to tell, an idea, a statement, or connection to be made. Wether about beauty, love, family, friendship, practical use, nature, quality, or humour. Every picture has to say something, to communicate. What is said and how it’s said, comes down to the creative use of just two things… composition and light. There’s a need to be thoughtful, yet spontaneous. Sometimes an image will come from a long process, starting with an idea which is built upon, tweaked and fine tuned to produce the perfect picture. However, sometimes it just happens in an instant. A vision that suddenly appears through the viewfinder as events unfold, shapes form and the light works it’s magic.

My interest of visual image doesn’t stop at photography, as I’m continuously drawing inspiration from everything around me. Art, nature, architecture, people, film, clothes, the materials and form of the everyday objects that surround us and the distinct differences in style and fashion of past decades. In my free time I have a real passion for making, building and crafting things, using wood or metal and renovating old things that I’ve collected along the way (some library step ladders with brass inlaid steps, a 1950’s boys bicycle, the sash windows on my lovely old house, a collection of 1950’s alloy letters, that I rescued from an old local factory to name a few).  The quality of how these things look and feel always fascinates me and as with my photography, I always want to go the extra mile to achieve something really extraordinary (the prize at the end, is getting to photograph them when complete.

Tom Gold CROP

My background…

I started my career as a photographer over twenty years ago. A week after leaving school at the tender age of sixteen, I was fortunate enough to be given a job as a junior darkroom technician in a small, local company that specialised in sports publications. Although I’d never even used a proper camera before, I was drawn to the process immediately and soon wanted to start taking pictures of my own. Within six months of working in the darkroom, I was asked if I wanted to photograph a football match and after a few basic instructions, I found myself sitting on the touchline, clutching a large professional camera at West Ham United. Over the following four years, I was trained in all aspects of sports photography, covering London football matches for four years and supplying images for club magazines and football programmes.

I continued on a freelance basis, taking on portrait shoots, commercial projects and photographing bands, musicians and theatre companies. By the early nineties, I had also started using advanced scanning equipment in conjunction with early editions of Adobe Photoshop. I developed advanced skills in digital retouching which enabled me to work as a freelance retoucher for some of London’s biggest advertising and design agencies (M&C Saatchi, Ogilvy, Claydon Heeley Jones Mason, Alcone Marketing etc.)

In 2003 I invested in a professional digital SLR camera and started to photograph weddings. By bringing a combination of all my previous skills and artistic styles together with a strong sense of narrative, I found that wedding photography could be one of the most exciting and creative fields to work in. Since then I’ve photographed over three hundred weddings, of all types across the entire country.

Still based in London, my work is now split between weddings, portraits, commercial shoots and corporate photography, but I also like to embark on various personal projects and still often use film for my own enjoyment.